The Markets of Trajan (Museum of Imperial Forums)

Via IV Novembre, 94 - 00187 Roma - Phone: 060608
The Museum of the Imperial Forums, located inside Trajan's Markets, is the first museum dedicated to ancient architecture. It displays reconstructed sections of the Forums' architectural and sculptural decorations, that have been achieved by reassembling original fragments to which newly made mouldings and stone forms have been added in line with the modern museological concept that any intervention must be reversible.

Opened in autumn 2007, it aims to illustrate the ancient architecture of the Imperial Forums and their architectural and sculptural decoration.

The Imperial Forums were designed for the administrative needed of the forum and not, as past archaeological literature would have us believe, as a “shopping centre”.
Today, The Museum contains the physical reconstruction of the decorative motifs, addressing when required even very demanding works in terms of material used.
The Markets of Trajan do not stop at reconstruction: the visitor is also taken into the complexity of ancient sites, their systems and their “technology” hence it was also fundamental to a reconstruct real environment to describe the activities that took place in the forums. In other words, The Markets replicate real life in real spaces.



Paola B.
Anna A.