Centrale Montemartini (ex Centrale Termoelettrica Giovanni Montemartini)

Via Ostiense, 106 - 00154 Roma - Phone: 065748042
This extraordinary example of industrial archaeology converted into a museum - the first public electricity plant, named after Giovanni Montemartini -- is the newest addition to the Capitoline Museums exhibition space.

In a striking play of contrasts, beside the old production machinery of the plant, as a splendid example of industrial archeology, there are masterpieces of ancient sculpture and precious artifacts, founded in excavations at the end of the nineteenth and the thirties of 1900.

The museum itself is part of a larger project of urban regeneration of the Ostiense Marconi area, which involves the transformation into cultural center of ​​the oldest industrialization area of the city of Rome (comprising, in addition to the Montemartini Power Station, the Mattatoio, The Gazometer, port facilities, the former Mira Lanza and the former General Markets) with the definitive set up of Rome Tre university campuses and the realization of the City of Science.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN8WeSPsQRI&list=PL09B34B42AF1425D8


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