Casa Della Memoria E Della Storia

Via di S. Francesco di Sales, 5 - 00165 Roma - Phone: +39066876543
[Free entrance]

The House of Memory and History collects, preserves and enhances the collection of books, archival, audio and audiovisual, in all its components, ensuring the access and use the service for the public, scholars, schools.
With the creation of the House of Memory and History, the city of Rome has a unique institution of its kind: a highly qualified multidisciplinary attractive, rich with stories of several generations, able to coordinate and make more visible the work On memory and history, which in many ways today characterizes the city of Rome.
The House of Memory and History intended as documentation and research center, to ensure the conservation and protection of important archival heritage, library, sound, visual, center promoter of initiatives, projects, publications and events to deepen the meaning of crucial moments of our history, a qualified place for debates, round tables, scientific conferences, activities.