MUTAZIONE | Dario Ghibaudo, Roberto Baldazzini

Until 30 September
Exhibition closed

The theme of the exhibition is the Mutation, a concept that unites the work of the two artists who, however, develop their research on two different and very personal levels.
Dario Ghibaudo presents with Wonderful Creatures a selection of sculptural and graphic works of the Museum of Unnatural History, a project based on the encyclopedic system of cataloging and scientific recording, but aimed at an ironic analysis on the border between utopia and dystopia. The Museum, born in 1990 and in continuous growth, collects virtually hybrid creatures and unreal characters whose appearance ranges from the imaginary ancestral bestiary, passing through reminiscences linked to the alchemical world up to the mutation in a futuristic test tube. The cause of their fantastic evolution is wisely concealed: it could be creations of both man and nature but what counts is the invitation to reflection on the human condition. The exhibition is curated by the Galleria De Ambrogi in collaboration with VISIONAREA.
With Epiphany of a genotype by Roberto Baldazzini, curated by Archaeological Records, we are witnessing the theme of mutation as an instrument of salvific and regenerating metamorphosis. Nature rebels and claims its autonomy on the human figure through new and unexpected genetic possibilities: attractive warrior women, charged with strength and vibrant eroticism, show their alterations challenging the observer with glances and provocative poses. The images, which evoke the world of illustration and comics of which the artist is a exponent, are followed by a series of unpublished digigraphies showing natural elements elaborated according to a style similar to the world of logos. The graphic sign has changed but retains the same vitality that has always featured the characters of Baldazzini. The curatorial intent is to deepen the author's production beyond the human figure, highlighting his experimental activity from the preparatory sketches to the latest digital elaborations.
According to the intent to follow a continuous flow of exchange and interaction between different artistic expressions, Contemporary Cluster stands as a bridge of dialogue between the imaginary world of Dario Ghibaudo and the vital spark of the subjects designed by Roberto Baldazzini.