Jonathan VanDyke - How to Operate in a Dark Room

Until 23 November
35 Days until closure

" L'attimo della dolce angoscia fuggiva, oh, che altro può fare un attimo? ma il succedente gli succedeva: l'integrale dei fuggenti attimi è l'ora: l'ora impareggiabile, dove un pensiero esatto si deroga a speranza e ad angoscia, come saettata spola, nell'ordito degli sguardi furtivi, dei muti dissensi, dei muti consentimenti. "
Carlo Emilio Gadda

1/9unosunove presents How to Operate in a Dark Room, a major series of new works by New York-based artist Jonathan VanDyke. The paintings in the show represent a level of mastery in the artist’s sewn paintings. Hundreds of pieces of canvas and textiles, including denim and t-shirt fabric, are stained and painted through elaborate studio processes, and then cut and sewn together in complex patterns. These paintings are complimented by a series of black and white, silver gelatin prints inspired by a scene in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1962 film L’eclisse, in which a man who has just lost everything draws a picture of flowers. Installed upon construction scaffolding that the artist has arranged in the gallery, the works are a meditation upon making art and finding creative possibility during a period of rapid change and impending collapse.
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