VideoArtForum 2017

Wednesday 15 November ORE 19:00
As part of AlbumArte | Residenze

Screening of Ascar (video HD, 10 m, 2017).
Italian premiere (original version with Italian subtitles)
Following: talk with Elisa Strinna and Junghun Kim (artist, South Korea), curated by Wonderlust#rome

AlbumArte presents the video Ascar by artist Elisa Strinna (Italy, 1982), as part of the ongoing projects AlbumArte | Residenze - which aims to reflect around the theme of artist residency, and AlbumArte | VideoArtForum, a series of artist video screenings and debates. Ascar has been realized by the artist during the artist residency at the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (April – June, 2017).
« Ascar is a land in which real and virtual are mixed and the boundaries between fiction and truth are lost. The territory of Seoul, its ancient village, the new financial areas, the mountains surrounding the city, the border between North Korea and South Korea, exist together within the same areas, or other real and fantastic lands replicated into the virtual worlds of videogames. The voice of a young woman takes us through this territory, and alternates with that of a scientist who tells us about the origin of the Universe and of some of those materials which constitute digital technologies. Ascar’s borders are untraversable, it is a world where the struggle for recognition is constant and self-affirmation happens mostly through the defeat of the other. During this Darwinian battle, short moments of peace are reachable throughout the contemplation of this brutal but magnificent universe. The film investigates the widespread interest of young generations in digital worlds and the conjunctions of these worlds to the real one. The material of the work come from interviews to South Korean video gamer, virtual reality experts, and doctors from internet detoxification centers, along with interviews to mineralogists of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle de la Ville de Paris». (Elisa Strinna). After the screening, Wonderlust #rome (Francesco Buonerba - Nicoletta Guglielmucci) will lead a debate with Elisa Strinna and South Korean artist Junghun Kim about affinities, references and common feelings of both artists related to the relationships between real and virtual worlds.
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