Tropicantesimo // Short Theatre 2018

Saturday 8 September ORE 18:00
[from 18:00 to 03:00 am]

Saturday 8th September from 6.00 pm to 3.00 am
La Pelanda – Outdoor Area
Sound environment

It's been five years that TROPICANTESIMO brings with her to Roma Est the colours and heat of a tropical rainforest, the flowers and the flavours of the fruit, the humours of the earth scorched by sun and sweat.
Like with any natural phenomenon, it is impossible to say how long it will last. Like an earthquake, a storm or a tornado. It catches you by surprise when you’re already in it, whether you like it or not.

With its sonic experiments, floral installations, dreamlike visions of gardens counter to nature, it is the natural construction of an artificial paradise.

Tropicantesimo is a beautiful and evil carillon, white magic and chicken feathers, mutable in form and size, all of it torrid and chilling. The unpredictable, the accidental, the marvellous, the imminent and the immobile. Tropicantesimo revolves around itself, nothing has happened, it was just some noise and some nursery rhymes. What was it, where did it come from, why.



In folklore, the Controra are the visionary hours of the early afternoon, when the sun beats down and shadows disappear, ushering in the appearance of spirits, sirens, nymphs and demons. It is a hot and magic time that interrupts the monotony of the day, the hour that stops activity and dilates atmosphere. The Controra of Short Theatre 2018 subverts the temporal grammar of the day and lights up after sundown, including live performances, dj sets, radio programs, night-life. It is an hour marked by a different kind of time, stretched out, unproductive and undemanding, allowing for the most unpredictable encounters.
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