Lastlife al MAAM

Saturday 10 March ORE 16:00
[dalle ore 16:00 alle ore 17:30]

Living installation and painting: Sergio Angeli
Photography: Marino Festuccia
Texts and curator: Silvia Colasanto
Performer: Michela Turci

The concept, born from an idea by Sergio Angeli, it is a reflection on transience and hope, death and regeneration. Nature, observed and pitied during and after its end, it is decoded reading of human parables and terrestrial trajectories. The traveling exhibition consists of 7 paintings, 3 photographs documenting the living installation and 12 works on paper. The project is presented for the first time at the MAAM - Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz. The artist Sergio Angeli and the photographer Marino Festuccia decided to donate a picture and a photograph of the Lastlife series to the exhibition venue that will thus become part of the permanent collection of the Museum.
After the first stage at MAAM, Lastlife will look for its evolution by interacting with the other hosting spaces through site-specific installations, video projections and musical developments which will highlight its contaminated and contaminating character.

From the text of Silvia Colasanto:

“A woman, a glow, a burned, desolate and abandoned land.
The woman, dressed in white, is life. The last one, maybe. It is hope that it arises and light that illuminates.
It is a tenacious light that filters through a lamp with mysterious perimeters, assembled with the remains of an exploited and repudiated technological world in oblivion that ferries it away from the eyes and memory. It is rejected world that turns into confident mirage, reverberation and comfort that illuminates a path from someone else violated and transfigured in a carpet of leaves and ashes.
It is trust that tightens and protects itself, that caresses like a mother would do with her newborn child. It is an expectation or perhaps only a dream to be desired and to pursue a mental journey of unpredictable trajectories, continuous tension towards the invisible and spiritual rebirth.
It is the imaginary path to be traced before the lightning announces a new storm and the thunders annihilate the faith”.
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