Las Mitocondria - Hysteria. De Secretis Naturae - Inaugurazione + Performance

Tuesday 5 June ORE 18:30

Ore 18:30 - Inaugurazione
Ore 19:30 - Performance

Las Mitocondria is a Spanish artistic duo formed by Alicia Herrero (Valencia, 1977) and María Ángeles Vila Tortosa (Valencia, 1978), engaged with the disciplines of visual arts and dance. Alicia was trained as a dancer and choreographer in London, while María Ángeles studied Fine Arts and realized her first exhibitions in Italy. Since 2008 they collaborate in performances, dance shows, exhibitions and events. In 2009 they realized the project Midriasis/Cajas Habitadas, a project based on a study of memory and emotions. Las cajas habitadas are large-scale containers of emotions with an aesthetic of industrial transportation. The project combines the performances of Alicia Herrero with María Ángeles Vila Tortosa’s works of collage and engravement. Moreover, the project developed an educational aspect for both adults and children, providing training courses for dance, theater and plastic arts professionals. The project was presented at: Istituto Cervantes, Rome; Museo del Tossal, Valencia; 'escorxador - Center for Contemporary Culture, Elche (Spain); International Mimo Festival, Sueca (Spain); Mario Praz House Museum, Rome; Ric - Festival of Rieti; Internazionali BNL of Italy, Rome; Museo Carlo Bilotti, Rome; Istituto Cervantes of Sofia (Bulgaria). Midriasis/Cajas Habitadas has received the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, of the Regione Lazio, of the Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana and of the Spanish Embassy in Rome.

In the spaces of AlbumArte, at the center of the room, there will be a large wooden box, creating a kind of theatrical atmosphere, wherein Alice Herrero will perform a dance on the opening day. This will be seen by visitors from the outside, spying through several holes placed on the walls of the box itself. For the artist, this giant envelope becomes the conceptual and formal representation of hysteria.
Another performance by María Ángeles Vila Tortosa will take place in the adjoining room that becomes a sort of second open box and in which the visitor will be part of an immersive action.